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....that you don't have to go it alone. That you can have a conscious, experienced business advisor at your side part time, checking in on you, making sure you're on the right path, that your actions and vision are aligned and you're spending money in the right places. That your marketing and content is connecting with the people that need you most,.so you don't have to worry about if you're wasting precious time and energy. Your wisdom is like your fingerprints; together we'll create an online presence that reflects your genius so those that need your help can find your digital lighthouse.

Your success is my success. I want to see you thrive!

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5. You can’t stay focused.  Accountability is crucial. I'm a dedicated partner to help define goals, objectives, and then shake a little treat to encourage you to refocus when you wander off. We all need a bit of motivation occasionally ;)

4. You need to enhance conversion. Traffic and likes are empty energy. The highest priority should be creating quality conversion. Then we scale. 

3. You have resource gaps.
Doing it all rarely yields returns. Let go of draining tasks that are better handled by collaborating with an expert. We are here to lift each other up!

2. You need fewer objectives.
Focus on the highest payoff work and your most pressing objectives based on where you want to be in a year, not next week. We'll create the blueprint.

1. You need a real strategy.
Momentum won't happen until you're crystal clear communicating your unique value, so the competition simply fades away. There's only one you!

The way you tell your story online can make all the difference. Stay in your magic, what lights you up, the higher payoff work. My magic is helping clarify your direction and messaging so customers are more likely to spend time and money on your products and services. The beauty is, I'm deeply experienced, efficient, and you don't have to hire me full time. I'm by your side, cheering you on with all my heart.

Why might you need my guidance?

you've got better
things to do!

• Custom Design or Template Design
• Needed Apps & Conversion Tech 
• Revisions Until You're in Love

WEb DEsign

• Your Story, Purpose, Vision 
• Color Palette, Brand Visuals &
  Logo Creation If Needed
• Unique Copy Creation For Your Entire Website to Reflect YOU

Web Content Curation

• Business Goal Alignment
• Sitemap & Tech Layout
• Vision & Mission Game Plan

Website strategy

If your new business idea is clear in your mind but you don't know how to bring your vision and online presence to life, I offer a deeply personalized website + brand strategy package, which includes everything listed here to launch the small business website and dream that's been tugging at your soul for years. Need a website refresh? I can help there too! Snag a free call for a quick custom quote.

i love to tell A Story

Website services

• Foundational SEO Completed
• Web Hosting & Google Analytics Setup
• Website Training & Launch Support

Development & Support

• Email & Newsletter Campaigns
• Content Calendar Creation
• Beautifying Existing Content


• Post Strategy & Scheduling
• Research & Analytics
• Account Management

Social Media Management

• SEO Review & Strategy
• Paid Ad Campaigns & PPC
• Sales Landing Page Design

Lead Generation

• Position, Purpose, Vision Design
• Voice, Logo & Visual Development
• Market Analysis & Positioning

brand strategy

Consider me your small business personal trainer. We're going to build the heartbeat of your brand. I'm going to help you with overall strategy, content creation, and implementation of the best possible growth methods that compliment your budget and resources, so that the people you'd love to work with can find you!

how i can help you

Marketing services

I'm your Fractional CMO, your part time Chief Marketing Officer for all your small business branding and marketing needs. I'm particularly handy if you need expert guidance on strategy, as well as tactical execution, but you're lacking enough tasks to employ someone full-time with my level of expertise and knowledge. In other words I can tell which areas to focus on and then actually help you build the content, write the email, build the newsletter, design your sales funnel and landing pages, get your social media working for you and not annoying you... that type of thing.

I offer sliding scale monthly retainers working 5-15 hours a week with you depending on what phase of business you're in, technical needs, number of employees and gross revenue. I'd love to give you an exact price right now, but my work is so highly customized to the needs of each client. I recommend you snag a Free Strategy Consultation so we can design something unique that works with your number of years in business, your budget and your resources.

Why hire me? I'm not just hyper-focused in one area of marketing. I'm not just an SEO, PPC, email marketing, social media, or lead generation gal. I have 18 years of experience testing every single channel in marketing, spending hundreds of thousands of dollars in each area for different brands along the way, I understand how all these channels work in concert, and so I know what works, and I know what doesn't. Depending on your niche, experience, years in business, resources and budget I can give you a plan to tackle the who, what, when, where and why to focus. Ya know, a damn fine plan.

I do require a 6 month minimum commitment so I can ensure success and traction, but I have yet to have a dissatisfied client. Truly! Because of that confidence I offer a 30 day guarantee, so if after working together 30 days you're not happy for whatever reason, I'll give you your money back no questions asked. This has yet to happen, but hey, one can dream.

Congrats! Customers are definitely converting but maybe you could use a hand with a monthly marketing plan for your growing team, or a bit more sleep and time with the fam. Its time for growth infrastructure, lead automation, refreshing content and working on customer retention and new referrals so you can enjoy life a heck of a lot more!

Year 3+ in business


You've been on the entrepreneurial path a few years and it's time to look under the hood to see where the customer experience is working and where we can improve it. Perhaps we need to spruce up your content, or clean up your messaging, and some needed tech to simply things or try a new customer acquisition channel like paid ads, PR or affiliate networks.

Early Years 1-3


Maybe you don't know where to begin or you've just launched your sie and need a little help getting traction. Perhaps initial sales are lackluster. Let's do a thorough brand, marketing & business review to make sure your foundation is set-up properly and you have clear next steps for your first months in business so you're set up for success!

Launch Your Biz


Service Packages


Sure, corporations paid me a hefty six-figure salary and I've worked with Fortune 100 brands, but as a small business owner I get budgets are tight. So, you'll get my knowledge without that hefty corporate price tag. We don't need more gazillionaires, the world desperately needs more healers, artists, storytellers, small business owners and passionate entrepreneurs of every kind.

Book a Free strategy consultatioN

Stephanie, m. | Cabo LuxurY

I can't thank you enough for such a beautiful new look and voice for our company website. It was pretty outdated and didn't clearly or authentically tell the story of what we offer. Now it looks amazing and truly reflects the heart of what we do! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I am beyond thrilled!

After months of using a high-level coach, and multiple revisions, I almost gave up launching my website. It just didn't feel quite right. I was tired of trying to fit myself into an "industry standard" box. Becca deeply listened, understood my vision and quickly shifted it to feeling authentic and aligned! Hitting publish became EASY!! Deeply grateful for her experience and heart.

Feeling Deeply Seen and Heard!

BROOKE, D. | El Oasis 

As a new entrepreneur inventing a concept that doesn’t entirely exist except in my mind, I needed guidance. Becca was the perfect person to understand my goals, to help align my vision, sift thru the details making it a website for others to understand my unique offering and vision. Her guidance, heartfelt aura and patience intertwined with her professional background and tech savvy skills made for a perfectly timed connection for us to work together. Thank you, thank you Becca for helping me and my new business be born and grown! 

Creative, Heartfelt & Timely!

"Becca has such amazing talent and professionalism. She listened to our vision and worked with us to create a website that reflects the warmth, integrity and sacredness of our school. She was the perfect person to make this new website possible, and we are deeply appreciative of the love she put into this project."

So much gratitude!

azha, L. | margo alive

"I can't recommend Becca enough! I knew I wanted to elevate my family business but bringing that to life in a redesigned website intimidated me. She made it truly a joy to build and was so patient and deeply knowledgeable. I love what we created together!"

I am so very happy!

rachel, M.| Brand visioning

"Becca is one of the most talented, intelligent and passionate business mentors I've ever encountered, I'm so thrilled that we met! She immediately understood my vision and is helping me launch and grown my dream business!"

Becca is the best!


Truly, this lands all over the map as I customize for each client. Your investment depends on your unique business needs, pages, the platform, your timeline, tech needs, customization level, etc. I've designed basic entry-level template sites or simple redesigns from $2500 up to custom $18,000 e-commerce sites. Reach out for a Free Discovery Call and a custom quote! But, I'd say on average, my web design including branding, unique copy creation, imagery, tech integration, plus backend development falls around $5-7k.

how much do you charge for website design or website redesign?

I offer WordPress, Shopify, Squarespace, Wix, WebFlow and Showit. I will happily suggest a platform based on your needs. I design and develop for entry level budgets if you need something sweet and simple to get your business started, up to fully customized websites for robust e-commerce as well as businesses that have been in business quite a few years and are in need of a brand refresh or want to expand to selling digital courses, starting a blog, affiliate marketing, etc.

what Web Design platforms are you comfortable working in?

Heck yes! I try to make partnering as affordable as possible. Most web design projects are broken into 2 installments. With 50% down to hold your spot on my schedule, the 2nd 50% is upon completion, only when you are completely and deeply satisfied! I do offer hourly consulting but with my packages, as we work together and I get to know your brand and we establish a flow, my rate goes down.

do you offer payment plans?

I typically don't. If standing out from your competitors and creating a sense of focus and clarity is your goal, then you’re going to need more than just a social post, a logo, or a single Facebook Ad to create a lasting, cohesive impact. But, I"m happy to start as low as 5 hours to give your business a thorough review and design a totally custom brand and marketing plan with my recommended priority growth strategies tailored to you.

do you offer a la carte services?

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